LoomState.fm is a podcast network that is also an open source project that anybody can use as a basis to create the website for your own network.


Ryan and Myself, in Newcastle Australia, have been working together for long enough that it was time we started putting our conversations on the record.

If you have an interest in podcasting too and are looking for someone to take care of the hosting side, let us know. We would love to cater for a diverse range of interests.

You can follow show and episode announcements on twitter @loomstate.

The Project

All the source code for the website if hosted on GitHub. It is a static website generated with Hugo and hosted privately. Shows, episodes, feeds and people are all stored as flat files in /content/. If you have a change, correction or addition, feel free to create an issue or pull request.


Gear can get expensive quickly when podcasting. In the studio we have a pair of Rode Procasters, shock mounts and arms, an M-Audio USB interface and a constantly changing software setup.

Recording remotely is preferably captured raw on both ends then combined in post (double ender). This is relatively simple using Skype for communicating, and Quicktime (Mac) or Audacity (Windows / Linux) for recording mic input without Skype affecting the quality.

If you are using Skype, just ensure the automatic mic level adjustments are turned off.